If I could describe myself in one word, it’d be curiosity.

When I was in first grade, I was given the “Curious George” award, and I’m still an inquisitive person to this day. It has propelled me forward in bettering myself as a person, acquiring more knowledge, and strengthening my skill sets.

This leads me to my interest in the business of fashion, wanting to learn all aspects of the industry and understanding how to meld design and business together. I think it helps me to see a bigger picture having earned a degree in business at Baruch College and fashion design at FIT.

Utilizing both backgrounds, I’ve interned at Giorgio Armani and Michael Kors Collection, where I learned the atmosphere of the fashion industry with experts who imparted invaluable knowledge. Since then, I’ve continued my desired path in design as a RTW assistant designer at Macy’s.

This site is an outlet for me to show you just a small sample of my work.

Thanks for visiting!